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Research has unambiguously shown that multi-lingual children have an edge throughout their life.  But for parents, it requires much planning, effort and dedication while juggling many other priorities.  Please stay a while, pick up some useful tips and share with us your practical, real World experiences.

A good place to start is the primer and the BLINGuals Daily Planner spreadsheet (new!)  Feel free to comment on blog entries, check out the survey and participate in the discussion forum on facebook.  

Those of you who are on facebook won't need to bookmark this web site or create (yet another) account.  You can comment on any of the entries and participate in the forum discussions using your existing facebook account.  Stay in touch just by clicking the "Like" button to the right in the facebook box.  Enjoy :)



 Heather at Heather & Avery has reviewed the BLINGuals flash cards and will be giving away a pack.  Thank you!



 Holly at Mommy's Blessings is giving away a BLINGuals flash card pack.  Take a look before October 7th.  Good luck!

In their book, The Bilingual Edge, King and Mackey describe some recent research findings on the language acquisition skills of several hundred high school students.  The conclusion: Bilinguals acquire proficiency in a third language more easily than monolinguals acquire a second language.

If you’re curious about this topic, The Bilingual Edge is a treasure trove , available for free at your public library or for $10 on Amazon.  There's also a primer on our web site.

... Read More »

I spent some time recently with a couple of friends who didn’t have a baby yet, but were already thinking about which languages they would communicate with him/her. The husband is fluent in English, Latin and proficient in German, and his wife is fluent in English and French (albeit a little rusty.)

The discussion revolved specifically around French. The wife lamented that it’s been a while since she lived in France and practiced French, and as a result her grammar wasn’t all that great. She was concerned that communicating with her child as a non-native French speaker will instill some bad habits early on. Her concern is quite valid, but given that she spent years in France and is conversationally fluent, it would be a shame to squander such a learning opportunity for her unborn child.

Fortunately, other people have struggled with similar predicaments, and there’s now professional advice and definitive supporting research (The Bilingual Edge, By King, Mackey) on this topic. Here’s the gist of... Read More »

Diane at Foreign Language Fun is a certified K-12 French teacher and homeschooling Mom.  She has some great ideas for bilingual games.  Thanks for sharing!!


Valerie at Babywise Mom has posted a review and is giving away a BLINGuals flash card pack. Ends on Friday September 10.  Good luck!


Thank you Carolina for the wonderful review of the BLINGuals flash cards on Learning Spanish Together and the great game ideas that you and your daughter thought of: 

  • Fly Swatter
  • What's Missing
  • Jumping Game
  • Magic Box
  • Little Translator
  • Storytellers

Please be sure to check out her web site for additional teaching resources and workshops for bilingual teachers. 


A really great article from the NY Times about how knowledge in different languages shape how we think.  Lots of great examples and some commonly held beliefs are thoroughly refuted.  Enjoy!


Thank you for the kind review at Mama to 3 Blessings.  I see some of Nicole's readers are now following BLINGuals on Twitter, which means I should get up to speed on that.  Is there a handy Twitter for Dummies guide?? :)



Thanks so much My Bilingual Boys for the kind review of the BLINGuals flash cards.  Glad your children enjoyed them!


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